Being kept up to date about your loved one's well being is great!



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ourCare provides continual communications between aged care providers and the friends and family of those receiving care. It gives peace of mind to families and promotes transparency and adherence to standards.

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Messaging and Communication

Using secure communication technologies, ourCare provides frequent, brief messages to give peace-of-mind to friends and families with loved ones in care.

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Ease of Use

ourCare takes advantage of the advances in modern mobile communications to ensure that the time it takes to provide an update is only a few seconds. In as little as five seconds a carer can complete a message to a resident’s family.

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Privacy and Security focus

Unlike conventional social networks, ourCare makes sure that messages are only seen by those specifically allowed to by the resident. Levels of consent allow confidential information to only be seen by those closest.

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ourCare for care providers

Providing high quality residential care is a demanding job. There is always many things to do and keeping residents’ families up to date can be time consuming. ourCare makes it simple for facilities to keep families informed, demonstrate the excellence of the care they are providing, and provide a record of the day-to-day goings on in a facility. Using common iOS or Android devices care workers can enhance their interactions with residents and help ensure that the quality of the care being given is demonstrated to those who care.

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ourCare for families

Keeping informed about a family member’s care is important, but it can also be difficult. Family members are sometimes reluctant to interrupt a care worker to enquire about a relative. With ourCare, relatives receive frequent updates letting them monitor a loved one’s well-being. ourCare delivers its messages in the form of text messages (with images and other attachments) directly to authorised family members’ iOS or Android phones.


About us

We are a family owned business with a passion for aged care and we are here to make a difference. Many people around the world have loved ones in care who feel isolated and alone. Families need to be able to communicate with their relatives, to know they are being properly cared for and to know what is happening in their lives. We have developed a solution to facilitate that communication, a solution that facilities, families and residents are going to love. With backgrounds encompassing 40 years of software development, decades of experience in marketing, management and service delivery we are committed to taking the stress out of having a loved one in residential care by keeping everyone informed.

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Acknowledgement of country

For tens of thousands of years the Gundungarra and Darug people have been the custodians of the land upon which ourCare is developed. We acknowledge their ongoing custodianship and pay respect to their Elders both past and present. We thank them for allowing us to work peacefully in this place.