Regular communication benefits the entire family…

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Continual contact

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Continual communication gives you peace of mind as you are informed throughout the day about the well being of your loved ones in care.

Benefits include:

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ourCare allows a care facility to send short, frequent updates about the well being and activities of their residents. Access to these messages is securely managed so that only those specifically authorised friends and relatives of a resident can see them. This allows those permitted to monitor the care of their loved one while preserving the privacy and dignity of the person in care.

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Ease of use

As a family member, ourCare can be used immediately. Messages are delivered automatically using the messaging system built in to iOS and Android devices. Of course, ourCare offers many more features (see below) but this most important one happens without you needing to learn anything about the ourCare application.

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Security and privacy

Security and privacy are a top priority with ourCare. All information is encrypted and held on servers within Australia, it is kept in accordance with applicable legislation and industry best practices. ourCare will never use data for any purpose other than those you ask for, this also means we will never use it for marketing and our website and application are advertisement free.

As a family run business, ourCare wants your family to have the peace of mind of knowing about your loved one’s well being. ourCare can’t replace an in-person visit, but it can keep you connected with your loved one and the people who are looking after them.

Have a look below to see some of the innovative features ourCare offers.

ourCare for families (and friends)

A fully featured application for iOS and Android that offers innovative features for connecting with loved ones in care.

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Messages to you

Throughout a typical day, as carers interact with your loved one, they will use the device they carry to capture brief records of your relative’s responses, often these records will be accompanied by a photograph.

These messages will be forwarded to you via the secure messaging system that is built into your mobile device. Instantly you’ll be up-to-date with how your friend or relative is progressing. You’ll be able to see what they’ve been eating, activities they’ve been enjoying and many other aspects of their life.

And you don’t need to be nearby, ourCare can work across the world, so even relatives separated by thousands of kilometres can keep informed.

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Messages from you

It’s understandable that you want to send messages to your friends or relatives in care. It’s also understandable that the realities of life in a care facility can make this difficult. ourCare lets you record a message (including video and sound) and send that to your loved one. In the facility, staff will see that a message is available, and at a suitable time they’ll show it to your friend.

Handling incoming messages in this manner means that carers can get on with more time sensitive tasks such as bathing, and then deliver your message when everything has slowed down and there is more time to enjoy it.

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What do you need?

Modern mobile phones and tablets are remarkably powerful and versatile devices. They are uniquely suited to the task of keeping people up to date. ourCare is available on both iOS (Apple) and Android devices. Generally any device less than about five years old is suitable for ourCare, so there is probably no need for you to invest in a new device to use ourCare.

ourCare also offers very simple way to transfer to a new device when you do need to, this also disables ourCare on the old device for added security.

Visitor reports

Life can get busy, but it’s important to know that your loved-one is still keeping in touch with those who are near and dear. ourCare allows carers to make and send brief messages when your loved one gets visitors, that way you and other relatives can better plan visits to the facility.

Coming in a later release will be the ability for a resident’s authorised contacts to coordinate their visits, to avoid all arriving at once, or to plan a surprise for a birthday or anniversary.


Keeping medical, dental or other appointments is important to good health and well-being. ourCare can inform you when your loved on has been to an appointment.

With an additional level of consent from the resident (and only after that consent has been recorded), ourCare can also be used to give you a more detailed update from the practitioner in the form of a text or audio message.

A future update will let you inform the facility of appointments you may have made on your relative’s behalf.

Cultural sensitivity

People from all over the world have chosen to make their homes in Australia, and this has led to a wonderful diversity of cultures. At ourCare we understand that different cultures have different ways of doing things, and that something that is acceptable in one place may not be acceptable in another.

For example, ourCare can display an identification photograph to care workers, but if a person has a cultural or other reason for the photograph never to be displayed then it can be flagged to remain hidden.

Community languages

We are still working on this feature, but ourCare has been designed from the very start to work with languages other than English. Not only can the application be made available in different languages, facilities can choose to send their automated messages in a language other than English.

This feature will be improved upon over time as we work with local communities.

ما هي والدتي تناول العشاء؟

قطعة جميلة من السمك

Cosa sta mangiando mia madre per cena?

Un bel pezzo di pesce.

Security of images

Photographs are a wonderful way to keep in touch, seeing how your loved one is getting on can do wonders for peace of mind. Unfortunately photographs can potentially lead to privacy concerns. ourCare stores all images in a secure, encrypted format on servers in a highly secure data centre. Images are never left on a carer’s or facility’s device for long, and never in a form that can be accessed outside of ourCare’s protections.

Similarly, ourCare never keeps an image that has not been seen by the friends and relatives of a resident, so there can be no doubt about what images may be stored away.

Background information

Care facilities are often very busy places and it’s understandable that it may take staff a while to really get to know your relative. ourCare gives you a way of providing stories and facts about your relative’s past to serve as conversation staters with staff. This isn’t meant for use with critical care information, contact the facility directly with that, but it is for background information.

Including a story about the time Gran won the watermelon throwing competition at the town show, could lead to warm and satisfying conversations with those who care for her each day.

Informed consent

ourCare does not share any information without the informed consent of the resident, or if that is not possible, the legal representative of the resident. Consents can be easily recorded and they are kept on file in secure storage. A resident or their representative can withdraw a consent at any time and this will immediately stop that person receiving information.

Sharing information is important, but the privacy and dignity of a resident is even more important and ourCare will strive to ensure that is protected.

How much does it cost?

As a family member, there is no cost. The ourCare application can be downloaded free of charge from your device’s application store. And don’t worry, just because it’s free doesn’t mean you’ll be bombarded with ads or that your data will be harvested. ourCare is paid for by the care facility so there is no need for us to compromise privacy and security in our application.

Nominate your care facility

ourCare can be used in a wide variety of care facilities. If you are interested in ourCare but the facility your loved ones are in doesn’t have it, let them know about us. Or, if you prefer, fill in the form and we’ll approach them. Don’t worry, apart from a thank-you email, we will not use your details for any other purpose.