Our policies


How we deal with your information within ourCare

Our basic belief is that your data belongs to you, and that you let us use it to provide you with the services you want. As a result of that belief the following principles apply:

  • we will hold the minimum amount of data needed to provide you with services;
  • we will never share your data with any third party, unless compelled to do so by law;
  • we will never use your data for purposes other than those you want us to provide;
  • we will not use your data for marketing purposes;
  • we will encrypt all data we hold;
  • we will use industry best-practices to keep data secure and to verify users;
  • if you ask us we will inform you what data we hold about you.

How we deal with photographs, video and other recordings

Photographs and other recordings are an important part of the communications offered by ourCare. Maintaining the dignity and privacy of residents and staff is our main concern with dealing with these types of media.

  • We will only retain recordings that are available to be shared with friends and relatives - in other words, we won't keep 'unseen' recordings;
  • the only exception to this policy is if it would be inappropriate for cultural or other reasons to share the recording.
  • Like other data, recordings will be held in encrypted form.
  • Recordings may be used for verification purposes during government audits of a facility, as far as possible any recordings will be de-identified before being audited.